Monday, July 10, 2017

Donna - a Lesbian Sex Story

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There was something different about Donna today or maybe it was me. Everything seemed so soft and nice. When we hugged saying hello, her breasts felt so accommodating. Her stance was so inviting next to mine. Anyway, she was just over to talk about her boyfriend. He was such a nice guy but yet it didn't matter too much.
I poured a glass of wine and we settled on the couch watching Wendy Williams show.
"Her breasts are so big and she lost weight, she looks fabulous" I said.
"I know she's one mamma I'd love to meet someday. And she's so funny and yet real at the same time. I love her"
Somehow I shifted on the couch at the same time she raised her glass and spilled wine on her tshirt.
"Oh" I said
"Don't worry" Donna said as she took it off to wash out the wine stain. "These stains set quickly. I don't want this to be hard to get out. A little soap now might mean it will come out easier in the wash."
She returned to the couch. I was looking at her in nude bosoms. She looked back and knew I wanted her.
She came up to me and let me suck her nipples. Clasping my hair in her hands, she toyed with my hair as I sucked her hard nipples. She directed me down to her hot wet pussy. I licked and licked till she started squirting.
She then took my legs and swung them over till we were 69ing each other. I trembled with my first orgasm I'd ever had. And we went on and on till the phone rang.
She answered. It was her boyfriend Tommy. He was stopping at the store and wanted to know if she needed anything.
"Oh no Dear" she replied in a guilty tone.
We quickly got dressed wine stain or not the shirt went back on and we went back to the television.

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